Lucky Football Investment Review – Don’t Invest In The Lucky Football Platform And Read

Because of the invention of 86FB football, Lucky Football has emerged as the new football investment platform that is trending all over the internet. Lucky Football is similar to 86FB football in that they both offer daily interest, but what distinguishes them is the fact that they have some incredible lies spread by the team behind the football investment platform.

Lucky Football Investment Review - Don't Invest In The Lucky Football Platform And Read

A large number of users are concerned about the safety of their investment with the football investment platform, while others are content to recruit more users to invest on the football investment platform while they build their networks and teams in order to earn more money from the football investment platform without disclosing some of the platform’s most important details.

Meanwhile, it is not a new development that the majority of Nigerians enjoy the act of being duped by the pronze schemes platform, which always takes advantage of 80 percent of investors’ money before the investors are aware of what is happening.

We are now living in the era of the football investment pronze scheme project, a platform that is well-known for robbing Peter to pay Paul. As a result, in this post, you will learn about a lucky football investment scheme that is not well publicized.

What is Lucky Football Investment, and how does it work?

Lucky Football is a football betting platform owned by the City Football Group. It is available in several languages. It is a joint venture holding company with operations in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and China. Its headquarters are in Manchester, and it operates and administers various football clubs across the world. It also has a club in Nigeria that has been certified and controlled by the local government, as well as a legal Internet sports event investment corporation.

The Lucky football inverse sub-platform was launched in Europe as part of the Lucky football launch. With its expansion to 65 nations around the world, fortunate football has grown to become the world’s largest investment sub-platform, with Nigeria being one of its most successful investments.

perhaps football’s most important partner in the United Kingdom; fortunate football is an investment Football spread betting is a type of investment.

Through the statistics report, you can determine the overall strength of the team. For long-term profit, it is best to invest in the lowest possible score. The platform includes 17 possible outcomes for each match, ranging from 0-0 to 3-3, with an average of 4+. For example, if you spend 3-3 and the game score is not 3-3, you can choose one of 17 alternative outcomes. As long as the game score is not 3-3, you will make money.

The average investment has 17 different investment alternatives, which means we have a 16/17 chance of making a return on each investment. It has a winning record of as high as 98 percent in some cases.

Do you think it’s easier for you to make money now? Game wins

It is possible that we will win money if our investment selections are different from the results of the Game, and we will lose money if our investment decisions are the same as the results of the Game When the outcome of the game is announced, the loser forfeits all of his or her bets. The monies are distributed equally to the successful investors by the platform.

Following the collection of a 5 percent service fee, the platform generates revenue through transaction volume and profit margin. Chances are vital; people who know how to confidently seize the opportunity to make money will be able to lead prosperous lives.

What is the mechanism by which Lucky Football Investment operates?

Customers earn 5 percent daily on their investment on the platform, which is comparable to the earnings of 86FB, however 86FB offers 3 percent daily to their investors, whilst the fortunate Football platform offers 5 percent daily to its users.

Members can make money in a variety of ways, depending on how active they are on the network.


Once all members who place bets actively up to 30 have done so, the game is over.


According to their position, they will receive the following monthly salary:


Level123456 receives a monthly compensation of 20,000NGN for being one of the most active 30 members.

Level123456 receives a salary of 40,000NGN each month from the company.

Level123456 earns an income of 170,000NGN per month as an active member with 240 active members.

Level123456 receives a compensation of 400,000NGN per month as an active 500 member.

Level123456 receives a salary of 1,200,000NGN per month as an active 1000 member.

The validity will be extended to all members who have a downline from Level 1 to Level 6.

Lucky Football Affiliate Program is a program that allows you to earn money by referring others to Lucky Football.

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In order to retain people bringing in additional users to invest on the platform, the company has implemented an affiliate program. Users who suggest others receive a referral incentive, as well as other perks and rewards from the platform.


Accumulate development of five members and you will receive 10,000NGN.

Obtain 35,000NGN for accumulating the development of 20 individuals.

Obtain 100,000NGN by accumulating the development of 50 members.

Accumulate development of 100 members and you will receive 400,000NGN in total.

Furthermore, the perks and reward program are great, and they are as follows:

Bonus & Reward Program for Downline First-Time Customers

When members are invited to signup, the bare minimum top-up amount is 3500 NGN.

Downline recharge of 3,500NGN, upline bonus of 150NGN, and downline bonus of 300NGN are all included.

Downline recharge of 10,000NGN, upline bonus of 500NGN, and downline bonus of 1,000NGN are all possible.

30,000NGN for downline recharge; 2000NGN for upline bonus; 3,500NGN for downline bonus

Downline recharge of 50,000NGN, upline bonus of 3,000NGN, and downline bonus of 6,000NGN are all included in the package.

50,000NGN for downline recharge, 15,000NGN for upline bonus, and another 25,000NGN for downline bonus

Downline recharge of 500,000NGN, upline bonus of 30,000NGN, and downline bonus of 50,000NGN are all included in the package.

The downline recharge is one million NGN, the upline bonus is 60,000 NGN, and the downline bonus is 100,000 NGN.

Please keep in mind that the bonus sum can only be withdrawn after the 5th bet has been placed.

Reasons to Believe that Lucky Football is a Fraud

Despite the fact that the fortunate Football platform is not informing their users what they need to know about the platform’s true nature, I will be revealing some critical information regarding why they are scams, which is as follows:

Their Authenticity

It has been determined that the football investment platform (Lucky football) will not reveal its true name to its investors, instead claiming to be a joint venture holding company with offices in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the United Kingdom (UK), and China (China).

They claimed that the company is based in Manchester and that it operates and manages several football clubs around the world. They also claimed that they have a club in Nigeria that has been certified and regulated by the local government and that they have established a legal Internet sports event investment company. All of them are fabrications.

This platform only runs in Nigeria; they do not have any partner ventures in other countries; this is a platform that is roaming the country with the 86FB investment platform in order to get rid of investors’ funds.

Their official website

Lucky football has two domain names, which are and, which are both related to football. The Domain is now available for purchase, indicating that this platform wishes to sell one of their Domain names, and that the platform’s impending demise is becoming closer.

They may decide to sell the other one they are now using at any time in the near future before their investors become aware of the impending crash.

Their Business Practices

Investors at Lucky Football are encouraged to stay on the platform and save the bonus sum, which can only be withdrawn after the fifth wager.

But even though we all know that football is a game of chance, how could the winning rate of a bet placed on a football team be 98 percent when they have no idea how the team is going to play the match? They also promised their investors a higher chance of winning their bet because they knew the team was more likely to win.


The lucky football investment platform is a Ponzi scam platform that will fail as soon as they start losing investors since they rob Peter to pay Paul, and they will wreck everything quickly.

Once they stop receiving money from Peter, which they intend to pay Paul, they will consider closing the platform and walking away with part of the money from investors who joined the platform after it opened.

While those who join early will gain since they will be able to leverage others who register late to generate more money for themselves, if you are still interested in investing in this initiative, you should register as soon as possible.

Just be aware that you have a greater possibility of losing your money because bonus promised investors heaven and earth, and when it comes to crashing, they crash hard and take away a lot of investors’ money.

Please do not construe any of the information in this article as financial advice; it is solely intended for educational reasons.

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